Why should I have a Personal Trainer?

Because you would benefit from…

- Having a program designed specifically for your needs rather than a generic program from a gym or off the internet 

- The coaching you will receive to achieve your goals 

- Being motivated and encouraged to meet and exceed your targets 

- Support and advice if things get hard or aren’t working

- Being challenged 

- Being taught to exercise on your own

How do I get started?

Just call me

What do I have to bring to sessions?

Your willingness and motivation, appropriate clothing and footwear, towel, water bottle. All equipment is provided by me.

When and how often should I train?

This will vary for each individual and we will determine frequency and pace at our initial goal setting discussion

Can I train with a friend?

Sure. But remember that one on one is more focused on your specific needs.

Do you cater for people with injuries or special needs?

Yes absolutely. I will structure and monitor your program to suit any needs you have. If required we will clear your program with your physio or doctor.

What if I miss a session?

There is no penalty as long as you give me 24 hours notice or if you have a doctor’s certificate. Less than 24 hours notice and the fee applies

What sort of things might I be doing in a session?

This will vary for each individual and even from session to session sometimes.

I use a wide variety of equipment and process to keep you interested and motivated. You might even have some fun!

How does the On-line Personal Training Program work?

The only difference is that instead of doing things face to face we do it all on line.

It starts with an on line discussion and then weekly online sessions